A Visit to London as if I Had Never Left

I had lived in London for 10 years and could not believe time had passed so quickly that I had not been back in 7 years. I was unsure how I would feel during my visit. I convinced myself that I did NOT miss it since regular visits to New York City fulfilled the void of soaking in much needed culture lacking in the suburbs (yawn). WRONG, VERY WRONG. I missed it more than I was willing to admit.

I was immediately transported back to my life in London as if I had never left. How familiar and effortless it was to stroll down quiet streets on a Sunday morning and eat breakfast at the lovely Baker and Spice in Belgravia after an overnight flight. It was a shame that Poilane was closed with its fresh French bread and pastries. Even viewing Philip Treacy’s glamorous hat shop from the window was satisfying enough. Oh well, no time to add to my Philip Treacy hat collection (like Princess Kate’s). Ahhh – the cobblestone streets, the details, the architecture, the sophistication, the charm, walking through the endless parks, the different languages overheard and spoken…

To walk down the paths in Kensington Gardens welcomed by quaint park benches, Kensington Palace on one side, hundreds of swans in the Serpentine, a Henry Moore sculpture across the way, Royal Albert Hall, and then my most treasured memory… the Serpentine Gallery’s annual pavilion. Each year the gallery invites an architect who has not built a structure in London to create an outdoor pavilion to be used for events, exhibits and talks with a cafe for the summer season.

The 2016 Serpentine Pavilion was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). According to the architects, “The unzipped wall creates a cave-like canyon lit through the fibreglass frames and the gaps between the shifted boxes, as well as through the translucent resin of the fiberglass. As a result, the shifting overlaps as well as the movement and presence of people outside create a lively play of light and shadow on the cave walls within.”

Take a look at my previous post on the Serpentine Pavilions.

Thank you, London, for reminding me of the special 10 years of my life that I cherished there and introducing me to the exciting new things happening in the city. I could easily pick up my life as if I had never left.


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