New Year’s Resolution: Go Outside

I detest making New Year’s Resolutions because they are always the same ones every year…
the same ones I tell myself quietly in my head…
the same ones I neglect to keep…
feeling that I already let myself down and it’s only been a week into the new year.

How realistic is it to hire a private chef and eat like Prom King Tom Brady and Prom Queen Gisele Bunchen? With such high standards, of course we will all FAIL.

2 simple words “GO OUTSIDE” have inspired me to do just that.

I volunteer to write a school newsletter weekly and featured the gym teacher to start off the new year. I asked her to share a New Year’s Fitness tip:
“GO OUTSIDE! There are a lot of healthy tips that she can think of, but the most important one during the winter is to make sure that you go outside. Nature has healing powers. Take a hike, run around, or even make up a game. Breathe fresh air.”

It was a chilly 15 ˚F morning yesterday and today and I made myself go out for a brisk walk in the park. Actually, I am not an “outdoorsy” person by any means and find myself SHOCKED that I don’t mind being outside in below freezing weather. I survived. What a revelation. The elliptical machine and Netflix are wondering where I have been.

#newyearsresolution #exercise #health



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