Yes to Paternity Leave

In celebrating Father’s Day, I found this article about paternity leave refreshing yet unrealistic for the majority of fathers. Toms Shoes’ Founder took 12 weeks of paternity leave and cut off all communication. He’s the Father of the Century.

How much time do most fathers actually take off? Maybe a few days? A week? My husband is a loving and devoted father and I can’t imagine him ever taking 12 weeks off. I would not ask him or expect him to. Most men do not have the luxury of being able to take that much time off from work since they would lose their jobs.

Those precious first days of life are a miracle but in hindsight, it’s more important to be there for your child when he or she is aware that you’re not there. The other day my young daughter said that she wished she had “2 Dads (having learned about gay marriages)” because her dad was abroad for a long time for work. An interesting observation indeed. #paternityleave #father #baby



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