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Are you an Amazon Prime member (free shipping) who buys anything and everything from from as little as a pen to books to professional camera equipment? Do you ever look back at your orders by year? I could write an amusing novel for each year’s purchases. Note to self: find a book editor or in the tech world we live in, I can publish it myself.

Do you browse in a store and you think to yourself, hmmm, let me check how much Amazon charges for this? You then proceed to check your Amazon app and you walk out of the store buying nothing, but continue making the purchase on your app?

2 days later, your item arrives… as if you received a gift? Who needs to wait for Christmas. I think St. Nick knows that he can’t compete with St. Amazon.

It’s faster and more efficient to buy on than going to a store. You can pinpoint the perfect gift as opposed to relying on a store’s buyer. has redefined the (online) retail space and dominates the market. Read about Amazon’s latest news and learn more about Founder Jeff Bezos, the man behind the online empire.

My career started in retail management and even then, I knew that there was not much earning potential in retail. I still remember that first review when I was told I would be given a raise by a few cents. OUCH. It was a harsh reality check. Black Friday – I have nightmares working that shift. Not having much control of your hours and working weekends was not enjoyable. I lasted a year and moved on to advertising – working late nights for low pay – UGH, but it was invaluable training where I found my professional stride. A colleague endearingly nicknamed me HFC – Human File Cabinet. She should see me now.

Even when we lived in London, Amazon UK’s stock was limited. I would actually buy from Amazon US and have it shipped to the UK. Shipping was expensive but it would still cost me more to pay for the item in British £. Sad but true.

Take a look inside’s warehouse. Even The North Pole buys from

I used to love browsing through shops and retail therapy. Now I’m not really interested anymore. You can bypass the salespeople’s attitude in high end boutiques and shop online, which actually makes you a savvy shopper. Why bother paying retail prices and wasting money?

My father-in-law asked me long ago what my vice was. “You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, what do you do?” I said, “I shop.”


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