The Art of Saying Thank You

Since ’tis the season of giving, how about showing your appreciation with an old-fashioned handwritten card/note? When is the last time you took 5 minutes to write “thank you.” Do you even know his/her home address? Has he or she seen your handwriting before?

Even though we live in a virtual world, sending a text message “THX” does not count. Email is just ok and I suppose better than nothing. Silence does not reflect well on you. Make the effort and write how much you appreciate:

• the gifts (especially those handmade)
• the special meal
• the party hosted
• whatever it may be…

In your own words, please, and in a timely manner. Do not let Hallmark or whoever else say it for you and you simply sign your name. Make sure that you write the note if it is your relationship and do not leave it to your significant other to write it for you.

Just a thought – let the people who go out of their way for YOU know that you are truly thankful for their generosity and efforts. Thank you – a simple yet profound statement.

Cheers to a new year of being grateful and gracious.

Happy holidays and peace to you in 2013.


Making a Wish at Lincoln Center, NY


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